Class ChunkGenerator


public abstract class ChunkGenerator extends Object
A chunk generator is responsible for the initial shaping of an entire chunk. For example, the nether chunk generator should shape netherrack and soulsand. A chunk is generated in multiple steps, those steps are always in the same order. Between those steps however an unlimited time may pass. This means, a chunk may generated until the surface step and continue with the bedrock step after one or multiple server restarts or even after multiple Minecraft versions. The order of generation is as follows
  1. generateNoise(WorldInfo, Random, int, int, ChunkData)
  2. generateSurface(WorldInfo, Random, int, int, ChunkData)
  3. generateBedrock(WorldInfo, Random, int, int, ChunkData)
  4. generateCaves(WorldInfo, Random, int, int, ChunkData)
Every method listed above as well as getBaseHeight(WorldInfo, Random, int, int, HeightMap) must be completely thread safe and able to handle multiple concurrent callers. Some aspects of world generation can be delegated to the Vanilla generator. The following methods can be overridden to enable this: