Interface MovingPiston

All Superinterfaces:
BlockState, Metadatable, PersistentDataHolder, TileState

public interface MovingPiston extends TileState
  • Method Details

    • getMovingBlock

      @NotNull @NotNull BlockData getMovingBlock()
      Gets the block that is being pushed
      the pushed block
    • getDirection

      @NotNull @NotNull BlockFace getDirection()
      The direction that the current moving piston is pushing/pulling a block in.
      the direction
    • isExtending

      boolean isExtending()
      Gets if the piston is extending or not. Returns false if the piston is retracting.
      is extending or not
    • isPistonHead

      boolean isPistonHead()
      Returns if this moving piston represents the main piston head from the original piston.
      is the piston head or not